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About Unlisted

Unlisted provides a cost-efficient and simple share trading platform for small to medium sized companies to keep their shareholders informed.

What are the benefits of participating in Unlisted?

For Issuers, Unlisted:
  • Provides a centralised and transparent trading platform
  • Minimises market participation costs
  • Provides an arms length price discovery mechanism for securities, minimising the need for regular and costly company valuations
  • Improves liquidity
  • Facilitates communication with investors and shareholders
  • Lowers transaction costs
  • Provides an alternative to the burden of over the counter share trading administration by the company secretary
  • Enables exposure to greater investor interest and publicity
  • Provides a low-cost, first step for companies to facilitate share trading while examining their future options
  • Can provide a private market or temporary quotation option

    For Shareholders, Unlisted:
  • Provides a simple means for existing and new shareholders to buy and/or sell shares in Issuers.
  • Provides Issuer Profiles to assist with information discovery about each Issuer.

    For Brokers, Unlisted:
  • Provides your clients access to a broader range of shares in small and growing New Zealand companies.

  • Unlisted's rules and regulations
    Unlisted is a financial product market operating under an exemption from subpart 7 of Part 5 of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 (the “Act”).

    Unlisted provides a facility for trading previously allotted securities. Unlisted has its own Market Rules and monitors compliance by Issuers with those Rules.

    Investors in securities quoted on Unlisted trade at their own risk and do not have the additional protection provided by Part 5 of the Act, in relation to. insider trading, market manipulation, continuous disclosure, substantial holding disclosure, relevant interests disclosures and the monitoring of market obligations by the FMA.

    Issuers remain bound by the obligations contained in their constitutions, certain provisions of the Act and other legislation including the Companies Act, the Takeovers Code, the Financial Reporting Act, and by Common Law. Issuers are required to have available at all times their most recent Audited Annual Report.

    Quotation on Unlisted does not affect an Issuer's status under the Takeovers Act and Code, and the usual regulatory protections associated with a licensed financial product market and Financial Markets Authority enforcement of them are not available.

    Who's behind Unlisted?
    Unlisted is owned and operated by Efficient Market Services Ltd and it's shareholders include a number of successful individuals from New Zealand's finance sector.

    Armillary Private Capital manages the day-to-day operation of Unlisted working with Issuers and Brokers. The technology that powers the trading and information platform was originally developed by M-Co and is now supported by Chelmer.

    Want to know more?
    Contact Unlisted on 0508 UNLISTED (0508 865478), or by e-mail to

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    Unlisted serves over 400,000 page impressions each month to over 6,000 unique visitors.

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